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If you desire to come home from work to a beautifully cut lawn, Yard Smart, Inc. has the crew to meet your needs. Mowing service is offered to both commercial and residential clients. Yard Smart offers a weekly mowing service which includes bagging of the turf clipping for most residential properties. Our mowing team members are committed to providing you with excellent service and ensure their mower blades are sharpened twice a week, perform weekly maintenance on their machines, and adjust the height of the mower as necessary.  


Yard Smart, Inc. can provide your residential or commercial property with a cleanup. Spring cleanups help restore your landscape to its original beauty after the harsh winters that are experienced in the greater Cleveland area; while Fall cleanups create a clean landscape and help prepare your landscape for the winter. Cleanups typically consist of trimming and pruning, weeding, mulching, and edging. Trimming and pruning are performed to define the shape of the plant specimen and can promote new growth. Weeding is used to get rid of those unwanted weeds in your flower beds. Removing those pesky weeds allows for a clean looking landscape, while mulching gives your flower beds some additional color with a beautiful brown or black mulch. Adding shredded mulch to flower beds provides protection for your plants from the elements. Clearly define your landscape and flower beds with professional edging. This is a service that cleans up the edges of your walkways and flowerbeds to allow for a defined and clean look. Cleanups create an aesthetically pleasing landscape while also maintaining the plant specimens within your landscape.

Monthly Horticultural inspections

Both commercial and residential properties, need continuous care to keep them looking fresh throughout the warm seasons. This service begins after your spring clean up, and can occur once or twice a month until we are out for a fall clean up. It is a great way to ensure that each plant species is properly maintained through the season. It also provides a great way to ensure pests and disease are caught, and treated if possible, in a timely manner. A monthly inspection can include weeding of the beds, redefinition of the bed edges, pruning as needed, but most importantly, we customize them according to your wants and needs. We thoroughly enjoy creating a relationship with each of our clients and encourage you to utilize this service as a way to learn more about your landscape and the plant species within them. 

No two lawns are alike. There are problems that are unique to a specific property in a neighborhood. It is important that applications are timely and fit your weather patterns. We offer three different lawn care programs, each designed to meet the specific needs of your lawn and budget. Your Yard Smart lawn care professional understands because they live and work in your area and know the local environment and weather well. The road to a better lawn starts with your first treatment. Why not request a FREE no-obligation lawn analysis? 

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